The Fanø Museum – a skipper’s home on Fanø

Welcome to the Fanø Museum

The Fanø Museum is an experience for everyone who wants to get an impression of an important part of the history that has created the culture of Fanø. Here, it is not the shipping industry itself that is the focus, but the life of a home where men and sons were often traveling long distances in the world seas. The Fanø Museum, a house from the late 1600s, shows a typical home of an ordinary but modest fanø family in the years 1885 to 1920.

We welcome you to a great experience

Opening hours

28. June – 16 October Sunday – Friday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Saturday closed
We want to welcome our visitors in a safe environment. Therefore, there can only be 10 visitors to the museum at a time, and we encourage everyone to show consideration to other visitors and heed the well-known precautions with distance, hand hygiene, etc.covid-19
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Ticket prices

Half price of admission all summer until August 9th

Adults:   DKK 30
DKK 15
Children 0-14:    DKK  0    
Group discount (min. 10 adults): DKK 20    
DKK 15


Fanø Museum, Skolevej 2, Nordby, DK 6720 Fanø, Denmark

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